Megapixel IP Outdoor Camera | Motion Detection | Wi-Fi Network Camera | Night Vision

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Quick Overview

Video Quality:

High Video Quality H.264 at 30 Frames Per Second with 1280x720P resolution. *Upgradable up to 1080P 1920x1080.


Build In Microphone, with sensitivity adjustment.

Pinhole Lens:

High Resolution lenses 4.3mm lens

IR / Night Vision:

Camera records even in total darkness.

Connectivity Options:

Option1 : WI-FI b/g/n long distance wireless connection. (remembers all previously configured routers / SSIDs)

Option2 : RJ45 – Network Cable.

Remote View / Record:

Your video and Audio can be transmitted, viewed and Recorded securely anywhere in the world on any internet-connected computer / tablet / smartphone.

User friendly applications Supports Windows & Mac OS.

Microsoft IE, Safari, Mozilla, Firefox, Google Chrome are all supported.

All tablets, and smartphones are supported.

Record Options:

Record to Micro SD Card (up to 64GB), Memory full overwrite feature allows for continuous recording with no need to swap out SD cards.

Record to Micro SD, and transfer to FTP server.

Record to NAS

Record to OS Application, User friendly and easy to install and configure multi camera view / record software.

Motion Activated Video Recording

Choose between either continuous recording (default) or motion activated.

Alerts / Notifications:

Email Notifications, Set up email notifications to get notified whenever there is motion.


All our devices support 110v to 240v.

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Megapixel IP Outdoor Camera | Motion Detection | Wi-Fi Network Camera | Night Vision

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Key Features:

Easy Setup
If you've ever set up an IP camera before you'll know what an ordeal it can be with having to set up port forwarding, DDNS and even adjusting firewall settings on your router. With our cameras there's no such nonsense. In fact, you don't even need a computer to hand. Just whip out your iPhone, iPad or Android device, download our app and login. Job done. 
If you really want to dive deeper into things you have the option to access to a full-fledged web interface from where you can setup and configure things like the motion detection, email alerts, etc.
High Definition Video
High quality video as standard on all our indoor and outdoor cameras - including Full 1080p High Definition video so you get the clearest image of both Live video and recorded events.
Three different types of video streams to give you more flexibility including MJPEG, MPEG4 and also bandwidth saving H.264. Use whichever works best for you in a given situation.
Long range Wi-Fi
802.11 N capability is standard across all our models so you get the most far reaching wireless connection possible giving you more flexibility about where to situate your cameras for optimum protection of your property. Your router needs to have Wi-Fi N mode to take advantage of this. If your router doesn't have Wi-Fi N don't worry as 802.11 B & G are also supported by our cameras.
Night Vision
All our models come with Infrared (IR) night vision as standard too. You literally won't be left in the dark as the IR LEDs will automatically turn on and off as needed to ensure you can always see what's going on whenever you login to view - day or night.
What's more, unlike a lot of IP cameras with IR night vision all our cameras have built-in automatic IR cut filters - which ensure you get true color daytime video without hazing or mismatched hues.
Motion Sensor
Not just a motion sensor but a multi-zone motion sensor. Create up to 4 different zones with varying degrees of sensitivity to ensure you don't miss a thing when it comes to capturing important events or action.
Micro SD DVR
Just slot in a micro SD card and you're ready to start using the camera's built-in video recorder to capture motion triggered events, automatically. Playback directly from the camera using VLC and many other media players. You can even download and save recordings locally off the SD card to review later or even send on and share.
Record to NAS or computer
Recording capability doesn't stop with our built-in video recorder because you can also set the camera up to record to your own computer using a number of third party NVR applications or if you have a NAS system you can record to that too or you can get recordings uploaded using FTP to your own web page or other cloud storage service. The flexibility and choice is yours.
Instant Alerts
Whenever motion is detected our cameras can send instant 'push' alerts to your smartphone or tablet so you'll know the moment something happens. You can even set your email details into our cameras to send you images of motion triggered events direct to your inbox.
High Quality Audio
Video is great but audio of course makes it all a whole lot better. All our cameras have Omni-directional mic activated as standard so you can hear as well as see what's going on. On our indoor models you also get the ability to talk back via a web browser on your computer to whoever is on the camera end - providing you attach a speaker to the camera's audio out socket.
Record to Cloud
Our cameras come with multiple viewing and recording options as standard.
Unlike other makes of Cloud IP cameras we don't tie you into using our own online services. You have the flexibility to use the myriad of alarm and recording functions we offer in all our cameras - or not! You might choose to enable instant alerts and recording to the built-in SD card DVR coupled with automatic recording off-site using CAMMY*. You might even just set the camera to email you directly with messages and images when motion is detected or perhaps record to your own computer or even NAS box. The choice really is yours.
*CAMMY is a Free online service that can record and store that captures events triggered by your camera - safely stored for you in the cloud so that if the worst should happen to your cameras your recordings will still be available to pass on to the Police etc.

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